Weaving the Bible with the Pacific People’s Lives and their Resources

The Magimagi Program – Project Summary-Running from Jan 2011 to Dec 2020

Many people in the rural areas in the Pacific would own a Bible but fail to experience its life-changing purpose because of either their lack of knowledge in what this very important book is all about, or lack the skills and understanding of how they can use it, or both. This project therefore serves to meet such need to enable these people to appreciate more the bible and learn how to use it appropriately for God’s glory.
Through this project, the Bible Society also partners with these communities in developing all facets of life including their resources (land) as we together aspire towards the state of ‘well-being’ (spiritual, physical, economic, social, cultural, etc.) of the community. This project will be piloted at the Maumi village community, which is located about 25km from Suva, the capital of Fiji.

Project Goal

a. That the Maumi Community becomes a Community of the Word: Through majority of the people understanding and aspiring towards a state of well-being from a biblical world view.

b. By the end of 2018, Community partnership and development (cultural, socio-economic, and spiritual) advanced for MagiMagi project through the existing Bible Translation program.

c. By 2018 revitalized culture through Bible translation and social cultural interventions. Through the Community being united in their single purpose of attaining well-being for them individually, the family and the community

d. By 2020, the lives and resources of the people of Maumi village as a Pacific community would be woven with the Bible with respect to their well-being, unity, and progress – physical, social and spiritual. Through physical and spiritual progress witnessed in individuals, homes, clans and the village that reinforces effective of scriptures

Project goal’s relationship to overall bible society strategy

This project aims to engage the communities of Maumi Villagers in God’s word through the scriptures that are distributed to them free and also from the study of the scriptures during their organized get together. This connects with Bible Society of the South Pacific’s objectives of engaging the communities with God’s Word.


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