MagiMagi Publishing

The MagiMagi is the Fijian Word for coconut fiber ropes or sinnets made from the husks of green coconuts that is used in so many communities where coconuts abound.


“Building Communities of the Word in Fiji and the South Pacific.”


“To free Christian knowledge for those who have no access to them through publications. ”

For us in the Bible Society, MagiMagi represents:

• community participation of weaving of the rope where all people (from children to the elderly) are involved in the work. It is hoped that this Publishing Unit will be a means in which the Christian communities are built up through Christian knowledge they need.
• stability. The Magimagi strengthens the home as it is used to strengthen homes and communities with knowledge that will empower them.
• forward looking. As the magimagi is used to reinforce the canoes for long distance sailing, it is also hoped that the vision of the project to free people with Christian knowledge will be fulfilled.
• culturally relevant. MagiMagi is local. Therefore, the MagiMagi Publishers will encourage the flow of local wisdom and knowledge. It had done this already by establishing a MagiMagi Writers’ Association in Fiji who will encourage this dream and put their vision to words and to the hands of the people.