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Bible Pad Tablet is the FIRST of it’s kind, a Christian, electronic tablet designed for children and families. It is an innovative solution that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian values, through inspirational stories, funny games, music, and interactive apps. Bible Pad Tablet brings kids of all ages, a brand-new, biblical learning experience, drawing them closer to Jesus.


  • Bible games
  • Bible story apps, innovative 3D storybooks
  • Bible characters coloring app
  • Bible-based cartoon movies
  • E-books and other learning apps
  • Christian songs
  • Bible radio
  • Secured by built-in kid-safety protection and filtering system

Get thousands of other applications and tools on Google Play, and customize this unique tablet for your family and kids. Ground-breaking digital device innovated to deliver learning of family values, encouraging everyone to develop a habit to seek God enthusiastically – a right-growing love of God.


  • Help your kids develop lasting faith in God right from childhood with biblical teachings and daily worship in a fun way, strengthening their relationship with Jesus; and
  • Build a child’s interest and passion in Bible reading, guiding them to learn and apply God’s words in daily life; and
  • Grow strong character by instilling genuine Christian values – faithfulness, love, respect, obedience, honesty; and
  • Develop creative talents, imagination with logical thinking in stories, games, coloring, singing, prayer apps, and many more;
  • Grow their independence and problem-solving skills as they learn to seek God in everything.


  • Start a ministry for children at home; Bible-Pad teaches & guides your kids theologically; and
  • Benefit from parental controls for kid-safety protection and filtering to secure children from inappropriate content via the child-focused internet browser and video app; and
  • Reasonably-priced while remaining fully expandable with numerous functions, making it the best and most affordable handheld electronic devices for children; and
  • Be encouraged to spend more time with your children though sharing, reading, gaming interactively, and more; and;
  • Be protected with our eye protection functionality, reducing problems caused to children’s eyes; and use parental timer control to manage usage time.


  • Spread the gospel and evangelize our next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Encourage children in your community to experience the Bible in a new way with innovative technology designed to make learning the Bible fun.
  • Grow up and encourage children to live based upon the Christian values exemplified by Jesus.
  • Peer sharing encourages children to fellowship as they learn together.
  • As we are able, based upon sales performance, we intend to donate Bible Pads to support charities and encourage families who may not otherwise be able to afford one.

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