Our Mission

Making God’s Word easily understood, available, accessible and credible to all people in all situations.

Our Vision

Life for All.


“Achieving the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of God’s Word”.

Our History

Whilst the early Translation of the Bible was often done by missionaries themselves, the Bible Society of the South Pacific (BSSP) was put in place to meet the need for effective scripture distribution as a means of evangelism. Like every Bible Societies in the world owing their existence to the British and Foreign Bible Societies (BFBS) which started in 1804, the BSSP began as a distributing depot for the BFBS in 1967 and located in Fiji. However, today’s vision of BSSP to make the scriptures available to every people in every language best explains the responsibility of the Society not only to Distribute scriptures, but also to Translate.

The Bible Society of the South Pacific is part of a worldwide fellowship of Bible Societies known as the United Bible Societies. It is a Christian organization set up to help all churches in the South Pacific through the translation, production and distribution of the Bible within the South Pacific. It is not a church but a producer of the Bible the basic tool for all church ministries. The head office based in Fiji oversees Bible work in sixteen islands in the South Pacific.

What we do!

Our 3 main tasks are:


We translate the Word of God in various languages. There are over thirty translation projects going on in the South Pacific at present. The work of translating a new Bible and of revising old ones in essential in order for people to understand God’s Word in every generation.


To produce the Bible in the right format.


Finally we ensure that the Word of God is distributed as widely as possible to all the people by using the different channels. We provide a regular supply of scriptures through bookshops, churches, schools and individuals that comes into our bookshops.

Bible Society Headquarters

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