We can’t do what we do without your financial help.

Thank you for considering donating to Bible Society of the South Pacific. Together, we can bring God’s life-changing message to our people we serve within the Pacific and Diaspora Communities around the world. In partnering with the Bible Society of the South Pacific, you are a part of a larger story, that will be remembered for generations with eternal value.

Any gift of $1 or more made to Bible Society of the South Pacific is much appreciated. You can make a deposit to our Bank of the South Pacific Bank Account, or if you’d prefer to use internet banking you can make a deposit from your account to Bible Society of the South Pacific.

Any financial assistance received from you goes towards Bible Distribution in:
2.Local Communities
3.Local Churches
4.Prison Ministries
6.Orphanage and Homes

Your Donation enables us in “Making God’s Word easily Understood, Available, Accessible and Credible to all people in all situations”.

Bible Society Account Details:
Account Name: BSSP Sower Project Account
Bankers Name: Bank of the South Pacific(BSP)
Account Type: Cheque/Current Account
Account Number: 9042260
Bank Swift Code: BOSPFJFJ
BSP Number: 0590029042260

Vinaka Vakalevu