“Bible Week 2021”
27th June - 4th July

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News Update

Scripture Translations for 707 Million

Scripture translations for 707 million people completed by Bible Societies amidst pandemic In Tanzania, brother and sister Gidufana Gafufen (left) and Udagayda Mudinangi celebrate the launch of the first Bible in their language, Datooga. Amidst the challenges and disruption caused by COVID-19 in 2020, Bible Societies around the world completed Scripture translations in 66 languages used by 707…

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Visiting & Reaching Cyclone Ravaged Islands Through Trauma Healing Program

Visiting & Reaching Cyclone Ravaged Island in Fiji Through Trauma Healing Program Corrugated Iron VS Coconut tree during Cyclone Harold’s Impact in Kadavu. Bible Society Mission team after visiting Kadavu Island for 3 weeks in November, 2020. After a Trauma Healing Workshop in Nukuvou, Nakasaleka, Kadavu (Fiji Islands). Distributing Proclaimer Bibles in Kadavu, Fiji. As…

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FIJI: Ba Translation Project Update

In all my trips to Ba, I planned and travelled on Sunday afternoons. This is to allow me to spend Sunday nights in Ba or near, so that we can start the review sessions on Monday mornings. I treat the review work just like my regular 8.00am – 4.30pm work in the office. So we…

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TONGA: Bible Work in Tonga

Translation work on the Tongan Contemporary Old Testament began with a translators workshop in October 2014 conducted by Dr Daud Soesilo. Seventeen translators were involved. In April 2015, the project was officially launched. The translators were given the “Book of the Twelve” to begin with. By the end of 2016, the first draft of the…

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FIJI: Final Proof-reading of the Fijian Study Bible

When I came into BSSP 2005 as a volunteer, the Fijian Study Bible Cyclopedic index review was already an ongoing task carried out twice a week by a team of reviewers. How far back the work started and those involved in translating the encyclopedic index, I do not know. But work on this material continues…

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Latest updates, stories from the field and resources as we Open The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible.


A powerful testimony from Miriama Lacarua about the Fijian New Version(FNV), she hails from Maumi, Tailevu, Fiji.






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