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Christmas Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

As we take time to reflect on an eventful year and appreciate the changes and challenges that have been forged by Corvid – 19. The world is yet again reminded of two fundamental pillars of existence and life, in that God and His Living Word remain unchanging and a sure foundation amidst the sinking sands. When the curtains of 2021 are drawn, nature blooms with beauty and color as Christmas arrives; it is my prayer and hope that humanity will turn to Christ alone for rest and peace.

The Bible Society in the South Pacific is privileged to have shared this year’s journey of mystery, intrigue and the unknown with you all our donors, ministry partners and missional supporters. Your prayers, generous financial support and encouragement have given the Bible Society the edge to adapt and prepare for an interesting new year of mission and ministry within the South Pacific Region.

The Bible Society will launch 2022 through the Oceania Alliance and will be working in partnership with Bible Society Australia and Bible Society PNG. Through this Alliance we hope to extend our reach and build sustainability and resilience into our Mission and Ministry for the greater South Pacific.

Thank you for partnering with the Bible Society, together we are stronger and will be able to place God’s Unchanging Word in the hearts and hands of our people who live in a vastly changing Region of the South Pacific.
Wishing you our precious ministry partners, donors and missional supporters a joyous Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.

May God Bless the Bible Society,
General Secretary – Geoffry Miller.


Source from United Bible Society

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4 billion

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1.5 billion

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Field Guide To The Bible Online book review

“The Field Guide to the Bible”.

For many young Christians and people new to the Bible, not knowing where to start reading is a key barrier to the Bible playing an important role in their faith. This along with confusion about how the Bible fits together as a whole and how it connects with real life has led Bible Society to develop a unique brand new product: The Field Guide to the Bible.

At more than 100 pages, and including lots of Bible reading helps, fun tips and illustrations, The Field Guide to the Bible is especially designed to equip young people with ways to connect with God through the Bible. It also features a timeline and narrative of key events in the Bible as well as practical, brief, introductions to each book of the Bible.

Jeremy Woods, Previous Youth and Young Adult Specialist at BSNZ says it’s a unique product as so many existing Bible commentaries and study guides are aimed at an adult audience and are quite complex, especially for young people new to the Bible and the Christian faith.

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“If you are thirsty, come to me and drink! Have faith in me, and you will have life-giving water flowing from deep inside you, just as the Scriptures say.”JOHN 7:37B-38 (CEV)

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JONI 7: 37-38.

37E na siga maimuri, ko ya sa levu e na solevu, sa tu ko Jisu ka kaci, ka kaya, Kevaka e dua sa viagunu, me lako mai vei au ka gunu. 38O koya sa vakabauti au, me vaka sa tukuna nai Vola Tabu, ena dave mai na ketena na veiuciwai ni wai bula.



A powerful testimony from Miriama Lacarua about the Fijian New Version(FNV), she hails from Maumi, Tailevu, Fiji.


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